Could Fracking be Banned in Denton?

There is no doubt about it, there is a lot of debate about fracking. Some people are huge proponents of fracking while others feel that it is responsible for everything from earthquakes to pollution. Recently, a lot of debate has been taking place in and around Denton, Texas. This is because residents in the area want fracking to be banned, yet lawmakers are very hesitant to do so, especially given the location.

Residents contend that this practice is responsible for much of the pollution in the area and in addition, they simply do not want to deal with unsightly wells that are popping up all over the place, many of them near their own homes. However, lawmakers in Texas are extremely hesitant to do anything about the problem, largely because Texas has been built on the oil and gas industry.  Cheap natural gas has had an enormous impact on the Texas economy, effecting every thing from jobs to the price of electricity.   According to, electricity rates have fallen dramatically in the past several years as a direct result of cheap natural gas.

Because lawmakers have been extremely hesitant to stop any of the well sites from operating, residents have started to take it upon themselves to find other avenues of ensuring that these well sites will no longer be able to operate. However, even by going through all of the proper channels, there is no guarantee that the well sites will ever be forced to cease operations. This fact was only reiterated when two additional well sites began operating in the area after all of the issues had already become heated.

Ultimately, it will be up to voters to decide how this problem will be handled, but that is only half the story. The truth is, Texas lawmakers may find a way around the wishes of voters. If they do, it may be virtually impossible for the voters to find a way to put a stop to the drilling. Until a definitive decision is made, everyone is seemingly taking sides to support one camp or the other.

Energy Production Boosts West Texans’ Economies But Not Their Wallets

In the past few years, businesses and residents in Western Texas have been shocked by a new trend. In a state known for oil production and energy exports, an aging power grid has sent power bills skyrocketing beyond what West Texans could have ever imagined. While with the coming of age of “fracking,” as it’s known in the popular media, Texas has again become the center of attention for energy, there is more to the story than it initially seems.

In many small cities throughout West Texas, the economies have become stronger, attracting many who seek jobs and stability to these areas. However, with this much desired growth has come the need for more energy in these very towns, but with infrastructure that can hardly keep up with the demand. Some solutions have proven temporary and costly, such as the switch from regional grids to the aging local systems. The demand gets temporarily met, but with a price tag that’s painful on the wallet. Yet elsewhere in Texas, where systems and issues are different, the increase of natural gas has greatly decreased prices.

While market prices match demand and investment, citizens and businesses in West Texas are stuck trying to find a way to mitigate these high prices, often accompanied by difficult decisions over other resources. Only time will tell if this problem can be worked out to everyone’s satisfaction.

How to Have a Green Christmas

It has been revealed that real trees and fake trees are competing in the environment, and the practices that we carry out around the holiday season can have an effect on this. There are things that you can do to make a positive impact on the environment this Chirstmas, including the way you transport your tree. It has been shown that the carbon footprint you create while searching for a Christmas tree to cut down is larger than the carbon footprint created by the mass shipping of fake trees. Store and disposal is also important to keep in mind, as our landfills are overflowing and it is important to cut down on waste production. There are many unique alternatives and practices you can take into consideration that will have a positive impact on the environment, including the use of LED lights around your home and on the branches of your Christmas tree, whether it is real or fake.